How to add extra EBS volume to your EC2 instance

1. Create an EBS Volume and attach it to the EC2 instance in EC2 panel management (in the AWS portal). Note the EBS volume name (e.g.,sdb).
2. Login to the EC2 instance using ssh.
3. Confirm that the EBS volume is attached:
sudo fdisk -l

You should see two (or more) disks listed:/dev/xvda1 and /dev/xvdb. Note that the EBS volume name (sdb) is listed as xvdb because Ubuntu 12.04 differentiates between real and virtual drives.

4. The new disk isn't formatted. You format the disk with the following:
sudo mkfs -t /dev/xvdb
or    sudo mke2ts -F -t ext4 /dev/xvdf
5  mount this
mkdir /var/www/html

mount /dev/xvdb /var/www/html

6   df -h